It is our aim to be at the heart of our local community, giving a familiar and welcome Experience for our local children � so that when they make the momentous leap to college for higher studies it is less daunting and more exciting. They will settle more quickly amongst familiar faces and friends and make the most of the multitude of opportunities offered here at the Academy.


Our aim is that every child should have the personalized support that will enable them to mature and become the enthusiastic and fulfilled Young adult learners of the future. Our expectations are that every student who comes to the Academy will work hard, learn to their best Ability, behave well and make a positive contribution to our community.


Our Academy is making good progress towards becoming an outstanding school. We have had our best-ever CBSE results this year. We hope you will join our high achieving school in the community.

     Your Sincerely Dr.V.K. Katiyar (Director)