Who We Are

We aim at unfolding and channel sing the student's innate potentialities encouraging initiative, futuristic outlook and cultural consciousness along with inculcation of values. Hindustan International Academy is an English Medium Co-educational Boarding and Day school. While it is open to all Indian students, it also caters to the needs of the people living and working abroad who always wish that their children should get competent modern education in Indian atmosphere and in resonance with the Indian values of life. It is a unique institution in Rajasthan, which promises to impart education of international standard to meet the challenging need of providing comprehensive quality education to develop the total personality of the child..

What We Do

The school Programmes are designed to meet the individual needs of each child and to provide a firm foundation of academic skills, work habits and attitudes preparing for success in university education and a productive, purposeful life. Due to the International nature of the school, a deliberate effort is made to inculcate, nourish and develop understanding among students and to take the learning experience beyond the classroom by drawing on the natural and cultural resources of Rajasthan and India. A rich offering of multi-dimensional activities aims to aid in developing the whole person and providing the student with constructive occupations and alternatives for the use of his/her leisure time.


Why Choose Our Institution?

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