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Registration form will be accepted on payment of Rs. 800/- as Registration Fee.
Admission for Classes 1 to IX will be made on the basis of written test and interview.
The Academic session for nursery to XI is likely to commence in the first week of April and for Class XII session will be started in the first week of March.
Conveyance: The School arranges for the transportation of its students to and from school on yearly basis.


Fee Quarterly   : Play Group To Prep I to V VI to VIII IX - X XI - XII
i) Admission Fee Rs. 8,000/- Rs. 10,000/- Rs. 11,000/- Rs. 12,000/- Rs. 12,000/-
ii) Developement Fee Rs. 2,400/- Rs. 4,000/- Rs. 5,200/- Rs. 6,400/- Rs. 6,400/-
iii)School Fee (Quarterly)  Rs. 4,200/-   Rs. 5,400/-   Rs. 6,600/-   Rs. 7,200/-  Rs. 7,900/-
iv)1st Term Fee (April)   Rs. 4,800/-  Rs. 5,200/- Rs. 5,200/- Rs. 5,400/- Rs. 6,000/-
v)2nd Term Fee (October)   Rs. 4,800/-  Rs. 5,200/- Rs. 5,200/- Rs. 5,400/- Rs. 6,000/-
Total Quarterly Installment   Rs.7,800/-  Rs. 9600/- Rs. 11,100/- Rs. 12,300/- Rs.13,200/-
vi)Day Boarding Fee (10 Month)  Rs.10,000/-  Rs.15,000/- Rs.20,000/ Rs.22,000/ Rs.30,000/
vii)Hostel Admission Fee Rs.6,000/-  Rs.8,000/- Rs.9,000/- Rs.10,000/-  Rs.10,000/-
viii)Hostel (AC) Fee(Yearly) Rs.1,30,000/- Rs.1,40,000/- Rs.1,40,000/- Rs.1,50,000/- Rs.1,50,000/-
ix)Hostel (Air Cooled) Fee
Rs.88,000/- Rs.98,000/- Rs.1,04,000/- Rs.1,15,000/- Rs.1,15,000/-
x)Practical Fee ----  ---- ---- ----  Rs.2400/-
(Per Sub. Per Year)


Per Annum (The Conveyance will be realized in advance on yearly basis)


    2 Kms. 10,000/- 6 Kms. 18,000/-
    3 Kms. 13,000/- 8 Kms. 20,000/-
    4 Kms. 14,000/- 10 Kms. 22,000/-
    5 Kms. 16,000/- 12 Kms. 25,000/-

NOTE : 1) Fees Paid are not refundable or transferable in any case.
2) Late fee of Rs. 10/- per day is to be realized if fee is not deposited upto 10 April, 10 July, 10 Oct. & 10 Jan.for each quarter.

3)Above fees are for ten months only.

Each guardian may please note.